Back in 2015 I shared here some images of my re-organized studio and storage space, which was situated at the time in my home basement.

Life goes on and over the last fall my husband and I turned into “empty-nesters”. That started a whole process of rotating and re-organizing my home’s small closets (a major undertaking) and at the same time converting my son’s old room into my new, main level, dedicated pastel studio. I kept my oil studio downstairs.

The new studio is a mix of some existing, some new and some re-purposed furniture. I placed my main pastel easel across from the side, north facing, window and the west facing street window brings in the warm glow of the afternoon, as well as beautiful sunset views. I love that natural light but do need to supplement it with artificial light sometimes.

Since I prefer to keep my pastel sticks in their original boxes (they stay cleaner that way and I tend to recall them by their physical location), I opted to arrange the shelves (more or less) by hue, hardness and frequency used. When I paint I roll the carts in, closer to me.

With winter in full swing I like starting my days in my new studio – sipping coffee, flipping through older art magazine (a clean-up project in progress) and reviewing my painting progression. It makes for a peaceful start. With the studio on the main level, it lures me in more often and I find myself painting more – in both studios and mediums.

Here are few images of my new setup:

 Pastel studio – as seen from the entry door (The north facing window on right, hidden)

 pastel studio, Michal Barkai

Main easel in my pastel studio:

pastel studio, Michal Barkai 

My rearranged oil station down in my basement: